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Union butterfield 4533 hss brt chucking reamer ansi 6fl -


Available in an extensive range of fractional, metric and gauge sizes, 4533 union butterfield chucking machine reamers are manufactured from premium high speed steel for reaming in many materials including aluminum, stainless steel and steel, whilst clean and accurate results are assured, thanks to the bright finish which prevents workpiece material from sticking to the cutting edges of the tool. With a 45 degree bevel lead for accurate location and centering to improve hole quality and performance, the reamers have straight shanks, designed for general reaming applications on most machines. 4533 chucking reamers have precision ground straight flutes and right hand cutting for smooth reaming and improved hole size and surface finish.

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diameter inch: 0.251 diameter mm: 6.38mm
overall length inch: 6 overall length mm: 152.4mm
flute length inch: 0 number of flutes: 6
shank type: Cylindrical shank hand: Right
material: HSS coating: Bright
brand: Union Butterfield parent company: Dormer Pramet
flute length fractional: 1.1/2" edp legacy pn: 5010612
erp ordering code: 4533.251 shank diameter inch: 0.24
shank diameter mm: 6.1mm list number: 4533
ean number: 6.98E+11 functional length inch: 0
n non ferrous metals: Primary use k cast iron: Primary use
m stainless steel: Possible use p steel and cast steel: Primary use
surface treatment: Original surface surface color: Bright Silver
stock: YES overall length fractional: 6
category link Union Butterfield  With roots dating back to 1895, the Union Butterfield brand is recognized as the reliable North American range in threading and drilling technology. Products include drills, reamers, taps, dies and end mills. viewmore