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R335.18-08.00-xl0809n-r6 disc m.c.


R335. 18-08. 00-xl0809n-r6 milling cutter 335. 18 shell mill mount disc mill

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brand: seco tools cutting width inch: 0.472
cutting width mm: 12.00 diameter inch: 8.000
diameter mm: 203.20 list number: R335.18
insert series: RP..1204 product ansi designation: R335.18-08.00-XL0809N-R6
shanktype: Arbor cutting depth maximum mm: 56.50
cutting depth maximum inch: 2.224 rake angle axial: 3.0
depth of cut maximum mm: 15.00 depth of cut maximum inch: 0.591
pilot diameter mm: 38.10 pilot diameter inch: 1.500
peripheral edges in the tool: 14 cutting width minimum mm: 12.00
cutting width minimum inch: 0.472 cutting width maximum mm: 15.00
cutting width maximum inch: 0.591 weight lbs: 8.525
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