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Dormer rotary burr - cylinder with end-cut only for bolt removing


End cut burr, diameter 6. 4mm with 50mm overall length and 6mm shank, carbide tipped with toughened and hardened steel shank and bright finish, single cut flute style with medium spaced edges for grinding the surface of a broken bolt flat in steel and cast steel and ferritic, martensitic and austenitic stainless steel

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cut type: BR diameter inch: 0.252
diameter mm: 6.4mm shank diameter inch: 0.2362
shank diameter mm: 6mm overall length inch: 1.9685
overall length mm: 50mm coating: Bright
material: CARBIDE list number: P100
brand: Dormer Pramet stock: YES
basic standard group bsg: DORMER usable length mm lu: 5mm
burrendshot_dict_sel: End cut bolt size: 5/16-18; 24; 32; M8
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